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!!! IMPORTANT !!! DISCLAIMER !!! In accordance with the contract agreement with my artist employee Chris Gotjar from the United Kingdom. The only form of payment we accept for the time is USD $$$. For your own safety it is recommended you pay with credit card as it is harder to process refunds or suspicious activity if you pay with a debit card. All merchandise sold is insured with the USPS. Merchandise that is received broken or damaged must have a claim processed with the USPS by the buyer. Currently I will only allow my merchandise to be sold in the following countries: United States of America, United Kingdom, and Canada. This might change though if the COVID-19 pandemic dissipates or becomes worse. If you are worried about paying with a foreign currency excluding USD Paypal will do the conversion rate for us so that there is no confusion, when you buy something on the website from me. If you would like the same merchandise shipped to you, payment in full is required before it can be shipped. !!! IMPORTANT !!! DISCLAIMER !!!

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