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Working under pressure

Iced Out


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Discrete Indiscretion


Since Summer of 2016 I have been on-call with the Detroit Film Studio and participated in several 48 hour film projects. I helped create a a short film for a competition under a strict time limit. I assisted in editing the typewriter scene in the film, and did the VFX for the birds in the scene when the villians come into view.


When a lawman breaks the law for love, he must protect his woman from her crooked ex-husband who has escaped the law.

State Champs! Sports Network Demo Reel

During the Summer of 2016 I took up an internship to work at State Champs television Sports Network. I was employed as a Logo Designer and Graphics Animator. I did 150 hours for them working unpaid to get some real-world experience. At the end of the term I came out a harder and more effecient worker than ever before. Here is a Demo Reel of the best work I did for them.

The Reel Good Show


For a Video Imaging project in 2015. The entire team was assigned by a professor to develop a short film (no more than 5 minutes) working as a team. I played both an actor in the movie as well as the only video editor compositing and organizing all the a-roll and b-roll in Final Cut Pro. It was an eye-opening experience and I loved being a real video editor cutting together something for the first film.


On the day the big film festival is going down at LTU. Professor Brandon Walley goes to his students telling them that all their final projects are due by the end of the day rather than a week from now. As the class scrambles to get all the work done in time delightful shenanigans ensue, but lucky in the end everything turns out okay.

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